about the nytoa

The New York Tactical Officers Association was established to promote training, professionalism and the exchange of information between members of law enforcement, tactical units (law enforcement, military, corrections) and crisis negotiation teams.

The NYTOA is a New York based organization with members from around the world. We welcome and encourage officers from all states and allied nations to join. The association strives to advance individual and team knowledge by providing a network to share best practices, sound tactics, training and operational experiences. The association works to foster the highest professional standards and levels of competence by providing high quality instruction to its members. 

The specific objectives and purposes of this Association are:

  • To provide communications between SWAT / tactical units in New York and beyond.

  • To expedite and facilitate the exchange of information between SWAT / tactical units.

  • To provide a clearing house for tactical information.

  • To serve as an educational resource and provide education to its membership with regard to police tactics and operations of SWAT / tactical units.

  • To provide a unified voice of representation on issues pertaining to the appropriate use of SWAT Teams and the well being of SWAT personnel.

  • To improve the image of SWAT Teams to the populace in general through the improved public service provided by the safe and expeditious handling of critical incidents within the community.

  • To aid and assist those law enforcement agencies making application for information concerning the establishment of SWAT Teams within their respective departments.

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